Thomas Schnepp
Am Eulenberg 19
24991 Grosssolt

High-quality translations

The demand to deliver high-quality translations inevitably requires the restriction to certain fields of expertise. Taking into account experience gained in earlier careers I specialize in the following technical fields:

• automotive engineering • renewable energy
• aircraft engineering - wind energy
• electrical engineering - solar energy
• mechanical engineering
- geothermal energy
• power plant technology

It is not always possible to exactly define a technical field. Therefore, do not hesitate to inquire for the translation of documents which, seemingly, can not be directly assigned to one of the technical fields mentioned above.


I build and/or maintain your company terminology. Terminology tailored to your needs offers many advantages. A uniform terminology used by all business sectors leads to a more professional appearance of your documentation and helps to make the communication among your staff and with your clients easier. It prevents linguistic misunderstandings and provides consistency in all company publications.
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