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Translation costs largely depend on structure, type and content of the document to be translated as well as the time allocated for the translation. The documentation of your product is as individual as your product itself. Therefore, every translation is an individual document tailored to your requirements. It is impossible to provide a common quote covering all aspects in detail. I therefore provide you with a detailed quote for every translation project.

In order to keep the costs as low as possible I use, whenever possible, a translation memory system. This does not only provide a high grade of consistency it also keeps costs for the translation of technical documents with multiple repetitions low.

Translation memory systems also help to reduce the costs of follow-on projects. You will not be charged for the translation of text passages which have already been translated in earlier projects.

You have supporting documents, translations of similar documents, translation memories and/or your own company terminology? Please include these with your inquiry to further reduce cost and keep your documentation as consistent as possible.

If you wish to receive a detailed quote please send your document(s) attached to an e-mail to the following address:


Terminology work is charged at an hourly rate. For your convenience large projects may also be charged at a fixed rate.
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